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manga itest; an icontest focused on anime and manga

Manga Icontest
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A weekly themed anime and manga icontest

Welcome to manga_itest, a weekly themed icon challenge focused on animanga icons. Founded and maintained by coloredpastels, and swisp. Moderated by bottledenigma, kotae and openfree. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Join the icontest to experience the fun! Remember to read the rules.

• You may submit up to 3 (THREE) icons per challenge, unless otherwise stated.
• All icons must feature an anime/manga
• Icons must meet LiveJournal requirements; 100x100, nothing larger than 40kb, and only file formats .JPEG, .GIF, and .PNG.
• No fanart, doujinshi's, or any other unofficial art. Only official art here.
• Icon must be made new and made no longer than seven days within the contest.
• Must be made by you.
• No cheating! That means, no advertising your icon, telling people to vote for you, and using multiple accounts to submit or vote. It's just no fun that way. :(
• No stealing others' icons and claiming it's yours, if you want to use a certain icon that was in voting, when results are posted, be sure to credit the user in your keywords.
• Do not vote for your own icon.
• LiveJournal userpics is not an acceptable form of image hosting
• Don't copy tutorials and then submit it! That's not cool.
• If any rule is broken here, it will result to disqualification and maybe banned from the community, depending how severe, without notice!

Every Friday evening, a new theme will be posted here. Icons may be submitted from the specified date; the next Saturday evening. Giving you a week to submit. Submission posts have comments screened. To enter, please reply to the submission post with this form:

Theme (General, Lyrical, or Image)
Icon Submission
URL of Submission
Series name and character name

(General, Lyrical, or Image)

Honey and Clover // Hanamoto Hagumi
(icon by erinae)

A mod will post a comment in the submission post, clarifying that submissions has closed.

Any icons submitted after voting has been posted, will not be edited into the voting post.

Want to suggest a theme? Then just leave a comment here!

Voting will be posted on Friday evenings, after the deadline for submission has passed. To vote, you must be a member, and comment to the post with your three favorite icons.

Voting Times:
Friday evening to Sunday evening. This may change if there aren't enough votes.

The current bannermakers are:

Apply to be a bannermaker?

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Want to affiliate with us? Then leave a comment at this post with your icontest name!

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